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Long Beach - The Queen Mary Chill

1126 Queens Highway

A deep freeze takes over the Queen Mary this holiday season as CHILL returns. Our giant dome - once home to the legendary Spruce Goose - will be frozen over and transformed into a giant igloo and home to The Ice Kingdom - an awe-inspiring 13,000 sq ft walk-thru exhibit featuring larger-than-life ice creations some towering over 2.5 stories tall and made using over two million pounds of ice. But don't forget to grab a parka and gloves - temperatures drop to a numbing 9-degrees inside the Ice Kingdom.

In addition to the enchantment of The Ice Kingdom , CHILL will also feature Ice Tubing , Ice Skating*, an all new North Pole Village, Swinging Sleigh Ride*, Giant Rocking Horse, Polar Paintball*, Illumination Candle Making Shoppe, an Enchanted Garden and Hedge Maze live music, holiday carolers and so much more!


G.M.R Robison

Wednesday, March 7, 2018
The whole experience had its ups and downs. The positive - a lot to see and do on the ship the models and pictures are great for learning. Staff was friendly. Rooms are good size and most of the ship was pretty clean. I liked being able to wander around all night like a normal cruise ship. New paint looks great. The bad. Some of on board binoculars didn't work. A lot of areas were closed off(Mostly for restoration work though), toilets didn't seem to want to flush, expensive menu. Overall I'm very happy to stay on the boat again. It was a great experience. The happy hour drink specials, aren't to bad. And most of the tour guides seem very knowledgeable

brian smith

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018
Stayed at the Queen Mary from 23-26 Feb 2018 to celebrate two of my friends birthdays. 1) If you love Art Deco, the Greatest Generation or just old ships, this is a can't miss attraction. The Ship is gorgeous. She does have some rough spots but that is to be expected, and some sections normally open to the public are currently closed for renovations. 2) The staff was extremely courteous and helpful. The food and dining areas were some of the, if not the best I have ever had. I enjoyed Sir Winston's (need to dress appropriately), the Sunday Brunch, the forward bar,and room service. Just make sure you bring your checkbook as they can be pretty pricey. 3. The only downside I had to the experience was the hotel room itself. The booking website had a picture of the room if you chose the "King Size suite with a view of the harbor" as being a fully adorned room in its original style. This could not be further from reality. Supposedly that picture is of a possible upgrade you can do but is not mentioned until you get a confirmation email. This is not to say the room was bad by any means, but it was not of the period, nor was it modern. It kind of looked like a room that had been filled by a Goodwill. However, it was acceptable, it was made up and cleaned to perfection daily, room service was prompt when ordered etc. As my friend put it, 'the room isn't spectacular so we have to get out and see the rest of the ship' 4) For the price of the room, it would have been nice to at least have a free tour package or a complimentary meal. Especially once the California occupancy taxes hit you on checkout day. Overall 4 stars.

Ron Scheidler

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018
Good to see the ship is getting much needed attention and refurbishment. Great experience learning about the history of the grand ship. Lots to explore and experience first hand. Hotel accommodations are sparse... Consider it's a ship that was built in the 30's. Rooms are generally pretty small and walls are thin. But there's a fine line between maintaining the ships vintage authenticity and providing modern comforts. Still, we enjoyed our step back in time.

Steve Lilley

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018
My wife and I stayed on the Queen Mary the night before we went on a Carnival Cruise. We had a ball we explored the ship from stem to stern Kiel to smoke stacks. We met a gentleman named John who is the head of Maintenance. He had so many interesting stories and so much knowledge of the history of This Magnificent ship. When he talked about the ship it was almost like he was talking about an old love, to hear the stories and to see the opulence and splendor that this Old Ship displays, was amazing. Granted the rooms are not huge the accoutrement is not the most up-to-date, but that is what gives this hotel its charm. We are going to go back to the Queen Mary for a 3-day weekend and just spend time on the ship. Can't wait!

Bob Kacmar

Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018
I know I am completely biased because I just absolutely love this place. Although before I went for the first time I never even gave it a thought. I recommend going just once and if you spend the night, make sure you ask for the old style room on the bay side. Very romantic and perfect for Valentine's day. Make sure you have dinner at the elegant Sir Winston's restaurant as well. I really enjoyed the Chateaubriand. My favorite thing to do after the dinner is head over to the bar and have a cigar and a drink while enjoying the view on their patio.

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