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The Basement

2901 Collins Avenue

It's not the music your dad listened to or the stuff your mom played in the car on the way to school. It's not about Saturday Night Fever, although we don't mind a bit of hairspray and spandex. It's about taking back the nightclub experience. It's about inclusivity rather than exclusivity. It's about dancing like nobody's watching. Above all, it's about contributing. We want you to be involved; we want you to express yourself; we want you to have fun.

Developed by the legendary Ian Schrager of Studio 54, we've got a lineup curated by NYC nightlife impresario Nicholas Matar, branding and vibes from Miami veteran Ben Pundole, and a whole bunch of local swagger from Josh Wagner. Come to dance, come to bowl, come to skate on our mini ice rink. Come dressed up or dressed down, keep it classy or behave badly, just remember: the greatest crime is to be boring.



Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018
I think we went on the wrong day!!!! This place was fun for the wrong reasons. We had pre drank so we were all ready for a party however when we got there, it was a bowling alley with very few people dressed up like us. We laughed away and took loads of pictures of the deco - which to be fair was really nice. If we was not in heels perhaps we could have played a game of bowling or so but I’m sure we had gone on the wrong day! Oops! ( I think it was a Sunday).

Jeffrey Frank

Thursday, May 17, 2018
Pros: it's great to have a few extra things to do just available, even if you aren't really going to use them. Good vibe for dancing if you like the style of music. Kind of chic hotel meets frat house meets hip hop dance hall. Great crowd even mid week. Quality lighting makes everyone look great on the dance floor. Cons: you probably aren't going to use the bowling or ice skating. They are premium priced and almost too small. Drinks are premium priced without the special touches that make them worthwhile. Acoustics are an issue, with seemingly only a few places that get the right volume and everything else too loud. Three stars because it's fantastic if you know just what you are getting into, and it's a bit oversold otherwise. The hotel above it is worth a look on its own.

simran menezes

Saturday, May 26, 2018
I don’t usually do these kinds of things but I’m not giving one star to the basement because the basement is amazing but there is this one club promoter named Greg who was completely sexist, discriminative, and rude, it was 2 of my best friends birthdays and we were told by our hotel that once we pay 40 to 60$ we get the awesome activities, unlimited drinks, and then the club. Greg didn’t give us the time of day.... he let women who didn’t even pay into the club, he disregarded me and my friends who were one of the first people at the location and it sucks because it was their 21st birthday and this was something special to them. I don’t recommend getting assisted by this man and if you do.......I’m sorry!

mc sky

Thursday, July 12, 2018
Ladies skate for free on Wednesday, great Djs, great staff in general. king combs slid on the random. accommodated my ♿ thats a major 🗝 and the reason i recommend

Jackie Times

Monday, July 9, 2018
I had a great time here. I could dance a lot, because the music was soooo great. They play R&B n hiphop on fridays. Danced so much, I jumped on the sofa, on the stage. It was awesome, had a blast! The space is big, with different things to do: pool, bowling, sky, but I mostly danced a lot.

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