The Basement

2901 Collins Avenue

It's not the music your dad listened to or the stuff your mom played in the car on the way to school. It's not about Saturday Night Fever, although we don't mind a bit of hairspray and spandex. It's about taking back the nightclub experience. It's about inclusivity rather than exclusivity. It's about dancing like nobody's watching. Above all, it's about contributing. We want you to be involved; we want you to express yourself; we want you to have fun.

Developed by the legendary Ian Schrager of Studio 54, we've got a lineup curated by NYC nightlife impresario Nicholas Matar, branding and vibes from Miami veteran Ben Pundole, and a whole bunch of local swagger from Josh Wagner. Come to dance, come to bowl, come to skate on our mini ice rink. Come dressed up or dressed down, keep it classy or behave badly, just remember: the greatest crime is to be boring.



Saturday, Sep. 2, 2017

To say I will never go there again is an understatement. For rich and famous it must be great, but this place is a literal shoe box. Bowling has like 4 lanes, ice skating ring is 30x30 feet and is $30 for 30 min. Drinks are overpriced. My lil glass of margarita was $20, and if you valet your car is $25. Total disappointment.

axelia ailexa

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Really unique club. They had a skating rink and bowling alley inside. But what I like the most was the music and crowd. They played hiphop/r&b music. Also Its not like most upscale club with no one really dancing and pretentiously having fun.

Ruby Sloan

Friday, June 2, 2017

The address says collins ave, but you actually have to enter on 39th st. Located in a beautiful hotel. However the bouncer was rude, the bowling alley could be a tad bit bigger. The drinks were ridiculously priced. 1 Hennesy with a lot of cranberry juice was $19....Music was cool. I would not go back!

Spencer S

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Drinks, skating, and bowling were all pretty ridiculously priced considering this isn't a top tier club. Also saw bouncers kick out a seemingly sober man who was getting shoved by two very drunk guys twice his size, and then shake hands with one of the big guys who was bullying him. Bouncers are obnoxious enough already, doesn't help that they're friends with the rowdy beligerant regulars. Their beer selection was pretty laughable too. I'm glad I checked it out but I would not go again or recommend to anyone else.


Sunday, Jan. 15, 2017

Came here with a friend on Wednesday for Ladies night. It is such a cool spot in SoBe. It's one of those places if you have out of town guests or you have never been and you live in South Florida you should check it out. They are located in the downstairs "Basement" level of a hotel. Which is actually Street level as the Hotel is built up on a slope. They have a "pick your entertainment" style feel. You can walk in and see people dressed casual chic or dolled up High Life. You have the choice of bowling, ice staking, lounging, playing arcade games or dancing. It's got enough for each person. The place offers ladies free sluchy Rose drinks until midnight. The place starts getting full around 12:30am. Ladies there is no cover. Not sure about the gentleman. But I know a guy and if there is anything about Miami it's if you are a gentleman make sure your Girl to Guy ratio of your group is 3-1 at the minimum.