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Outpost Ice Arena

9530 Tramway Boulevard NorthEast

The CooLLoop is a one of a kind ice arena which can transform into one of the largest ice surfaces in the world. Utilizing hydraulic boards, we offer nearly 1/5 of a mile of indoor skating.


Crystal Figueroa

Sunday, Feb. 18, 2018
Went with the family, they had skates small enough for my 4 year old and a skate bar. It's been a decade since I last visited and a first time for my husband. We enjoyed it and staff was very friendly. We grabbed some snacks and hot cocoa, with plenty of time on the ice. We'll be coming back more often. It is a little dated, don't expect a brand spanking new rink, but it was perfect for a family day out, and it wasn't as strict as it was a decade ago, so while chaotic, it was still a lot of fun and left some wiggle room for the kid to feel like she could try out some moves.

zumba Nash

Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018
Good place for skating but not great for hockey games. The concession was literally closing as my daughter was standing there waiting for the fries she ordered although the prices are great. No matter how many times the managers told his very young staff they could not stand in the no standing Zone because it wasn't fair to the paying customers they always seem to be huddling around the area once he would leave. There unfortunately is not enough seating for everyone

Andrea Schoeny

Sunday, Dec. 24, 2017
We went for a 2-hour public skate session, which at $13/person ($10 plus $3 to rent skates) is reasonable. (You'd likely spend the same amount of money for similar amount of time bowling, for example.) You can ask for hockey or figure skates, but if your feet are large, you'll only be able to wear hockey skates. Wear high socks, and bring a hat and gloves. The design of the rinks connected by the CoolLoop is neat, though the connecting ice between the rinks was very choppy when we went. Unfortunately, it appeared that no one at the counter gave any information regarding the direction to skate, so it was very chaotic, with people skating in all directions. This made it difficult for the first-time skaters in my group to feel comfortable. Groups of unsupervised kids (who clearly play hockey) were skating as fast as they could for much of the session, weaving between people, which was obnoxious and unsafe. This is of course, not an Outpost problem, but a parenting/coaching issue. The bathrooms are very outdated and there was not toilet paper in many of the stalls. The lockers were hard to use and probably half of them did not have the locking mechanism any longer. Bring a quarter or two if you want to use the lockers. Overall, the skating is fun, but the amenities could use some serious updates. Two hours is more than enough time, and worth the money. You'll be sore the next day if you're not used to it!

Brandon Torrez

Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018
Cool place! Came to see Lobo hockey game with my wife and a few friends. Very kid friendly. Very inexpensive.

Alixandria Fuller

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018
My daughter plays hockey here on a regular basis. The staff is friendly. They have good food at the concession stand. But, I always feel like it is so dirty in there. Not like clutter, but dirty. Like everything needs to be cleaned from top down, or replaced and updated.

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