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John P. Chase Skating Facility

John P. Chase Skating Facility
10 Lincoln Street

Approximately 400 children and youth are enrolled in the Hayden Figure Skating Club.  Practice sessions are held daily.  These sessions are referred to as CLUB SESSIONS.  Skaters eligible for CLUB SESSIONS have generally completed the Learn to Skate Basic Skills Badge Program and are taking private lessons.  These skaters are learning the skills necessary for the Unite States Figure Skating tests in Freestyle, Moves in the Field and Ice Dance.  They are eligible to test and compete in the U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned events.  ALL skaters using CLUB SESSIONS MUST be registered members of U. S. Figure Skating as well as Hayden.  Membership applications are available at the Hayden Skating Facility counter.  Membership cost for U.S. Figure Skating is $50.00 for first family member and $20.00 for additional family members.  Memberships must be renewed each spring.  Membership year begins July 1st and runs thru June 30th.  IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU PREPAY FOR CLUB ICE SESSIONS ON A MONTHLY BASIS. 

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