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Ice At The Galleria Offers A Variety Of Programs Including:

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Camps available all school breaks
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Scott Peterson

Friday, June 29, 2018
After 2 years taking my son to skate in this rink, we had lots of wonderful memories here and had seen a huge improvement in management and classes as well. My son started here from knowing nothing about skating and growing into a happy hockey player at a very young age, thanks to their public classes and private coach (Thanks, Coach Rufino). It is such a friendly, welcoming environment. Staffs are nice and patient and their manager and director are always out there helping and talking to customers. Of course, nothing is perfect. We had an incident of price dispute about child ticket recently and it wasn't being handled properly by the staff. After reporting it to the management, the issue was resolved immediately and I received an in-person apology from management during my next visit. No harms done and we are still loving the place.So, if you are like us, enjoying a quality ice rink and warming staff, come to Galleria. If there is anything you want to discuss, do what I do, talk to or email Paul or Michelle and they will take care of it.

Nancy Dietrich

Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018
I really enjoy ice skating so going is always fun for me. A ticket is $16 but you can buy extra socks for and extra $4 if you've forgotten your own. There are lockers in the area where you get your skates but you have to get a token for a dollar and a new token must be inserted each time you open the locker. There are restrooms downstairs where you get your skates.

Sidharth Malhotra

Sunday, May 20, 2018
They tell a nice story about being the only one in Houston and being the best in the city. However the staff provides misinformation with class / public times. For example as you move up the class schedule does not sync with the practice times. If the class is at 11 - 11:30 then you have to wait until 12 to get back on the ice for practice. What a dumb setup. A better option would be to stagger the classes. However the manager first hid behind an employee and when I confronted there was no listening to a customer view point. On top of it if you pay upfront then they won’t give you the partial refund. So buyer be aware - go see the place, try it if you want to, and then take the classes. These folks are not great at customer service so protect yourself first.

M. Hoque

Thursday, July 26, 2018
Don't recommend ever signing up your kids for their Ice Skate summer Camp at the Galleria. My kids are in the summer camp for this week and it's disappointing to hear how they are doing when picked up. Almost $800 spent for two kids (10yo & 13yo). My kids dislike it very much. They stay positive because they get some time on the ice. However half the time they are in a room not doing anything productive. If I was able to put them into another camp for the remainder of the week on short notice, I would gladly do so. They teach for only two 30-minute sessions and majority of the remainder of the 6 hour camp is not productive. Paid extra $30 per day ($15 per kid) for early drop-off, however my wife has had to wait at least 30 minutes each day and arrive late to work because no one is there during the time we paid for. The first day every instructor arrived late. My wife received a follow up call from their coordinator apologizing, however was also asked if we had even registered the kids for the camp and paid for early drop off. They claimed to not have any information of our kids registry even though they had our number to call, took payment after filling out all the forms and we have receipt. That made us question immediately if we left our kids in a safe place. On top of that also we realized there wasn't a sign in sheet when we dropped them off. They apologized for all of their instructors not being on time to receive our kids at our paid promised time and stated would not happen again, however it continues. The kids don't like staying until 3pm, and feel miserable being there, so we arrange to pick them up early. One of their instructors told them during introduction "do not come near my face and don't touch my clothes." That is definitely not your usual introduction. The kids have had cold food everyday, and so far the only Chili's food they have enjoyed is the orange juice. Cold food and hot salad doesn't make sense. The activity off the ice is not what is advertised. The kids made a paper fan with paper plates and popsicle sticks the first day (which was the first day only which is "Art & Crafts") and have reported absolutely no other activity done these past few days (unless to play Uno Cards). They just sit in a room with no other activities planned. The kids are discouraged to bring devices (iPads, etc.) because the facility is not secure and their devices most likely will be stolen if left alone. In my opinion the kids shouldn't have to bring devices if the camp already claimed to have the day planned as advertised - "Scavenger Hunts, Build Your Own Cookie & Pasta, Karaoke, On-ice Games & Dancing, Movies, Bubble Mania, Skate With Chillsworth the Penguin, Arts & Crafts, Build Your Own Ice Cream Sundae, Music & Movement". A camp shirt was also advertised to be provided, however no camp shirt has been issued to my kids as of yet. I write this in the hopes that others at least may be able to know better than I did. There is no money back guarantee. Additional note, had to buy ice skates for the kids, because the ice skates provided at the Galleria are very uncomfortable and hurt my kids feet and arches. I tried them also, your feet will thank you if able to avoid using the Galleria ice skates. Maybe better if using extremely thick socks with arch supporters inside because the shoes are hard plastic and oddly shaped inside without any support.

exotic guru

Friday, July 13, 2018
I went today 7/13/2018 at 1pm ...I was shocked...they were playing regional music of Mexico in Spanish!!! I was really surprised and also ...what about the people that don't speak Spanish?? They guy in charge of music should be fired...there is no place for "musica de Banda" or "grupera" in the galleria!!! I can't believe they put that nasty music!! I hope they fired the manager and the DJ!!

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