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Bowie - Bowie Ice Arena

3330 Northview Drive

The City of Bowie Ice Arena is a year round ice skating facility. When it first opened in 1971 it was only a seasonal facility, but today the Ice Arena is open for skating July through April each year.

It offers ice skating for all ages and levels. Discounts are available for City of Bowie residents as well as groups and families.

The Bowie Ice Arena is home to the Bowie Figure Skating Club, Bowie Hockey Club, Bowie High School Ice Dogs and the Bowie ISI Figure Skating Team.

Bowie Ice Arena - opened in 1971. Home to the BHC, BFSC and BHS Ice Dogs! Public Skating, lessons, camps, hockey, parties, pro shop & snack bar.


Ross Beebe

Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2017
Seriously the most friendly staff. Someone came quickly to help out when people fall. Offer open skate as well as hockey practice and games. Military discount given. Thank you.


Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017
Pro shop closed on a Saturday when we needed tape. But it is Veteran's day.Beverage machine not plugged in - and I really wanted a cherry coke zero in there - hadn't"t had one in a while. One of the kids was kind of rude working at the skate rental. I heard him say, something to another worker like he was going to say something smart @$$ to me. Problem was that my son did go in the hockey door but I didn't"t. So when I asked for my own info how the kids know which locker room to go to he said if they come in the hockey entrance they will see the board. Said it really condesendingly. He's young though. He just needs to be reminded to be nice and not ass-u-me. At least there are bleachers from which my elderly parents could watch.

Robin Smith

Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2017
It was very nice. I landed hard on my knees and they brought me bags of ice. Only minus was no lockers.

Jim Dstro

Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017
The Bowie Ice Arena is excellent In all categories; ice, operating people, building, schedule, web site, and parklng lot... all with a fine surrounding community. A better rink would be hard to find. jimD

cute girl slay

Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018
Its a good place but the ice was too rough

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